Something tells me that this season's latest hair trend is going to be the messy updo; it's chic yet effortless. It blends together sophistication and a modern feel, all which lends itself to the idea "you just woke up like this". Personally, I love any messy hairstyles--mostly because hair is not my area of expertise. Not great at styling your hair? No problem these styles are made for the lady on the go.


Messy French Twist
Twist Me Pretty

Yes, the French Twist is making a comeback; this classic style has been reimagined countless times. This take on the classic achieves its messy look by starting with textured hair (a perfect style for second-day hair) and leaving pieces sticking out. Personally, I adore this hairstyle and think it would be perfect for a wedding or just a nice day out! Make sure to leave some pieces out at the front as well to frame your face and pull this whole look together.


Barrette styles
The Beauty Department
Moon Barrettes
Instagram/ TheMermaidFiles
Barrettes are another fun and easy way to spruce up your hair, get it out of your face, while still being relatively low maintenance. The best part about these hair accessories is the multitude of different styles they come in! This is a great way to add something fun and quirky to your style, without having to spend hours fiddling with your hair. A great place to go and shop for some of these barrettes would be Etsy; they have a whole array of different styles and finishes that will compliment your hair perfectly! Overall, I am really enjoying seeing all the minimalistic depictions of the classic barrettes; geometric shapes such as circles and half moons seem to be the most popular, but you can find a variety of other shapes if you dig a little. The best part is they aren't overly expensive, the more intricate the design gets the higher the cost. Still, these are a fun and easy way to pin back your hair and still have it look cute!

These have probably been the two biggest hair trends that I've, personally, seen. Both of these styles are so minimalistic, yet, they act like a statement piece. I'm all about the messy hair life when the wind blows it just adds to the look.

What other hair trends have you been loving?

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  1. I have very curly hair and unfortunately, this is one trend that would not work very well for my hair but I love it though.

    Ann-Marie |


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