That 70s Show
That 70s Show

When you think of the 70s, undoubtedly, the first thing that pops into your head is the hit show That 70s Show. The second thing that pops up is the iconic fashion pieces, the big hair, and gorgeous makeup looks-- therefore it's no surprise that 70s fashion has been making a comeback. In fact, a lot of vintage clothing has been seeing a resurgence. I would say since last year I have really been seeing a lot of designers paying homage to this era, even makeup looks have been inspired by the 60s and early 70s (ahem the cut-crease?).
I decided to create a lookbook combining some of my favorite fashion pieces that come specifically from the 70s.

Corduroy Mini Skirts 

 This piece, in my opinion, saw the biggest spike in popularity last year and it's still being worn now. I just love the look of these skirts, they really give off a retro vibe. Even better is the fact that these skirts can be worn casually with a graphic tee or done up a bit more by wearing it with a flowy top. While I love denim skirts and have been wearing them so often, these corduroy skirts really are a great stand out piece to own. Even better is the expansion of different cuts and styles I have seen being offered, there is a complete button down version and some even have a scalloped bottom. Overall, this is such a great piece of clothing that comes in many different variations and truly gives off that 70s vibe.

taupe corduroy skirt
Pinterest/ Patty Jeans

Scalloped Corduroy skirt

Flared Jeans

Flared jeans seem to be another fashion style that has been quickly picking up popularity, and while I adore this look on other people I'm a bit apprehensive to try it for myself. This isn't because I don't think it can be pulled off in a modern way, but rather because I still have nightmares of myself, and some of my peers, wearing Jnco jeans. I'm still trying to bury those memories, plus it should be noted that I am a mere 4'11 and this is a fashion trend I personally associate with taller people. That isn't to say if you are short you can't wear flared jeans, just for myself, I feel as if I might be swallowed by them. But who knows maybe I'll find and fall in love with the perfect pair of flared jeans, in which case I will happily eat crow.
I have seen different types of flared jeans, some are higher waisted than others and some have a more stark flare than others. Again this is really a statement piece, something that all eyes will be drawn too--which is why I love how casually I have seen people style them.
Flared Jeans
Pinterest/ Joan & Kemp
Flared Jeans
Pinterest/ Steal the Look


Another piece that has seen a reemergence in the fashion world, but of course with a modern twist. While I could have picked from an endless list of the 70s inspired shoes making a comeback, I decided to feature these shoes simply because they are so effortless and comfortable to wear. Once again wear these up or casually the choice is yours. One thing is for sure, if you pick the right kind you won't have to worry about aching feet.

Mule Shoes
Pinterest/ Olive

Mule shoes
Pinterest/ The Viva Luxury

These are just a few of my favorite fashion trends that I have been adoring as of late, let me know which trends you are fawning over this season!

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