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Korean beauty has been making huge waves in the western beauty sphere--and now it seems even more retailers are taking notice. CVS just announced that in April of this year they will begin stocking their shelves with a plentiful variety of Korean skincare and beauty products.

Personally, I've been on a huge Korean skincare kick for the past few years--it started out slowly. I was immediately drawn in after staring, awestruck, at a few of my favorite Hallyu celebrities. After doing some online sleuthing I came to find out about the rigorous skincare routine they follow, and yet how effective and gentle each product is.

Korean skincare is largely focused on dewy, youthful looking skin: hydration, hydration and more hydration. Some of the biggest trends that have taken hold of the beauty industry originate from Korea: cushion foundations, sheet masks, dewy skin and now double cleansing.
Suzy Bae Kbeauty CVS
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After taking some time to browse the selection that CVS is going to offer I can definitely say that I'm excited! There is reportedly going to over 100 new Kbeauty products rolling out in stores this spring, which is a huge amount!!
For the mean time their focus seems to be skincare, which is fine by me I can never have enough sheet masks, but I do hope they will broaden the selection of beauty products offered.
Overall, I have to say that I am ecstatic about this newest addition and the thought that I will finally be able to buy my favorite sheet masks in store rather than online!
The one downside, that I will add, would be the high prices. However, I've come to expect this when it comes to CVS and I understand that importing the products costs money.

Are you excited for the newest Kbeauty additions to CVS? What will you be picking up?

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