The Perfect Manicure at home? Testing out the Formula X system

    One of my all time favorite beauty products definitely has to be nail polish, I love the way it can add a pop of color to any outfit and the endless array of colors means I can find one for any occasion.  However, while I love nail polish it can tend to be a double edged sword-- if the formula is horrible it tends to mean I have to apply multiple layers to get full opacity and it tends to mean it also chips much quicker.  For someone like me (and I know many of you) who is constantly typing a formula that chips is the bane of my existence! Finally, while nail polish can add a personal touch it is also a pain to remove, especially if you are like me and horribly lazy.  
All this to say I was both excited and skeptical when Influenster sent me the complete Formula X The System XCEL.  The kit comes with a nail cleanser (applied first to remove any oil), a primer, and a top coat.  Additionally, if you purchase this kit you get to pick your own nail color-- I was sent the color TGIF which is a very bright coral.  Another product that was very kindly provided for me to review was the Delete All five finger nail polish remover.  
Like I said before I was very excited to try and test out this product, but the claim that this manicure would last 10 days made me pause.  Typically, nail polish is gone within 3-4 days (that's with a good formula) on me.  So for a brand to promise 10 days felt, to me, a bit far fetched.  
Before I get to the longevity let's take a look at the formula and design of the polishes. 
Firstly, the box it comes with is very adorable (A+ for packaging), did I mention it's magnetic???  Not to mention the packaging of the bottle is very cool, the top actually comes off to reveal your typical round top (which i prefer!). 

 STEP 1: CLEANSE.  The first step of the system is the Cleanse polish, the actual product inside did a fantastic job of removing any oil on my nails.  The applicator was flat and a bit small, but I think this works in the products favor since it is a thin consistency. I had never used a nail cleanser before, usually I just took a cotton swab and ran some nail polish remover over my nails.  But I can honestly say this product was lovely-- it removed any shine from my nails and really did leave them dry but not bone dry.  And in the long run I think this really did make a difference in the end result of my nails, for example, I had no air bubbles.  Maybe it is just me, but I have a real problem with getting air bubbles!! If you have that same issue you definitely need this product!  
STEP 2: PRIME. Moving on, the primer had a noticeably thicker brush as well as a much thicker formula. No complains here this step dried very fast and the applicator was great for smoothing everything on in one go. It made my nails very smooth and really was the perfect base for the nail polish.
Brush comparison- TOP Formula X nail polish in "TGIF" BOTTOM base coat (Prime)

STEP 3:THE COLOR.  The color I received was TGIF, a very rich and vibrant coral color. The polish, however, had my least favorite wand, there I said it.  The wand was, in my humble opinion, far too small.  I tend to enjoy using larger wands especially when the formula is as thick as it was in this case.  Now to be completely honest the formula felt almost too thick, with that being said by the end I was in love with the finish.  Maybe it's because it's supposed to mimic gel like nails that the formula had to be so thick? I'm not sure, nonetheless, the formula was a bit trickier to work with.  With the too small brush I felt that I wasn't able to properly apply an even layer, but by the second layer everything looked even and smooth.  The color is rich, pigmented and ridiculously bright-- I almost thought it was a neon!  
STEP 4: SHINE.  The final step in this system is the top coat.  The wand was much larger (identical to the base coat) and the formula was thick as well.  However, it smoothed everything out and I really did feel that it prolonged the overall wear of my nail polish.  

FINAL (BONUS) STEP: DELETE ALL.  The Formula X Delete All removes all nail polish at the same time, yup all five fingers! I can't say enough good things about this product, it really did remove all traces of polish in seconds!! Not only that, but the sponge itself was remarkably soft. I have tried similar products before (usually its only one hole) this one is definitely my favorite.  For starters the smell is way less potent, almost non existent, compared to other nail polish removers of similar design.  And did I mention the soft sponge?? It really is heavenly.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this nail polish line. The color did last a very long time, and although it did chip on a few nails it was very minor and not at all noticeable (other than to myself). I first applied this on August 30th and barely took it off on September 9th.  My right hand did wear off a lot more, but being that it is my dominant hand I'm not shocked.  I definitely think this system is worth it if you want a long lasting manicure, the nail polish formula just might take you a bit of getting used to.  Still it looked stunning. 

The Formula X System XCEL was sent to me by Influenster to test out, however, like always all opinions are my own! 


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