Mani Monday #2

5:11 PM

Today's shade also comes from the Modern Family collection within the Nicole by OPI nail polishes, this one is called Candid Cameron.

The shade is a beautiful iridescent teal color.  I only had to apply two coats to get this pigmentation.  To create my accent nail I applied a nail dress from KISS that I had leftover from my Influenster box.
Honestly, if I could do this over again I would leave off the accent nail.  The first time I used the nail dress it lasted a pretty good amount of time, but this time it just was a disaster trying to apply it! >:(

Wonderful formula and beautiful color, I'm personally a sucker for teal nail polishes.

I might have forgotten to mention that these nail polishes (and a bunch of other makeup) is on SUPER sale at CVS.  I'm talking about 75% off, definitely worth checking out if there's around you.

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. love the nail polish, great post :)
    soph xx

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  2. that blue is SO COOL! i love it! gorgeous jeweled accent nail :D

  3. i love your mani !! Such a gorgeous color :) xx

    1. thanks so much! I really loved the color as well :)

  4. love the color :D


  5. lov ethis color!!

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  7. Gorgeous colour!
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    Sarah xx

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