October Favorites

8:41 PM
Thought I'd share some quick favorites with you all!! 

First up the CVS eye makeup remover this product is seriously so awesome! I love how it gets off all my eye makeup (I also use it on my lips to get off those deep berry/red colors) and have found that it causes no irritation!  My eyes are super sensitive, but with this stuff I find I don't have to worry about not getting it in my eye by accident.  Also it removes water proof mascara like a champ! Would totally recommend you get some!  
I did a little experiment to show you how well it works, on the back of my hand I swatched a bunch of different types of eye makeup: concealers, eyeliners, cream eyeshadow, & regular eyeshadows.  Then waited 10 mins, and took it all off with a cotton pad & this makeup remover.  (pictures below!!) :) 

One of my other favorites this month has to be my Maybelline SuperStay 14HR lipstick! I find the formula to be perfect: it doesn't dry out my lips, it feels comfortable to wear, and it is very easy to apply!  The color payoff is awesome as well as for the whole 14HR wear; I don't think it last that long but it still last a couple of hours! 

Please Stay Plum on the lips.
Next up is the Mary Kay True Dimensions lipstick.  I have two of these and I want need more! The formula is so creamy and just glides on the lips, and they are so freaking opaque!!! I was shocked at how vibrant they are! I have been wearing the color Natural Beaute on days when I want a heavier eye look or when I just want to have a more natural look.  These lipsticks are so moisturizing which makes them perfect for the cold windy weather I've been dealing with, and honestly I just can't believe they are not getting more buzz.

My last favorite isn't beauty related but I have been using them every single day!
I got these a etsy shop called HWSTAR and they are really great quality!  I have been after some good earrings for a while and I am so happy to have these! I'm actually wearing them in the picture above but you can't really see them that great since I have a horrible camera.

Thanks so much for reading!

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