Fall Makeup Haul

After watching way too many fall themed makeup tutorials on YouTube I decided that I needed to update my makeup collection for the fall season! I also decided that I wanted to be a little bolder with my lip products thus the abundance of lip products!

The entire reason I went on this particular shopping excursion was to pick up a new foundation, since my other foundation is too dark for me. I had seen a great review by ItsJudyTime on the Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation.  They offer a great range of colors, so I was easily able to find one that matched my skin tone.

Now the next thing I got was the Milani eyeliners, I was actually pretty bummed that I wasn't able to find the newest ones.  But I was all out of eyeliner (I had been out for months) and just decided the odds of me finding them was almost none! But I'm still happy with the ones I got, plus they were on sale!

Which brings me to my next pair of Milani purchases, the lip liners! I knew I definitely was going to want a lip liner for my dark plum color so I picked up two retractable lip liners in the colors "Most Natural" and "Sugar Plum".

For my plum lipstick I choose Maybelline's Super Stay 14HR Lipstick in "Please Stay Plum".  It's an absolutely gorgeous color, I particularly love applying it with a lip brush to tone down the color.  And topping it off with L'oreal's Le Gloss in "The Queen's Shine".

Lastly I picked up a blush, I choose Revlon's "Wine With Everything".  I thought it would pair up very nicely with my plum lipstick but could also be worn with other looks to give me a more sultry look.

That's everything I got to transition my makeup into a more fall appropriate look, perhaps I will do a Fall makeup look with these products!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to leave me a comment! I love to read them :)


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  3. Great reviews! I love reading make-up reviews, and I hate buying products "cold" when I haven't heard about them. Thanks for following. :)

    1. Thank you very much! :) Yea I love getting recommendations on new products! :)
      You're welcome! I enjoy reading your blog very much :)

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