Vanity Tour: How I organize it! :)

haha had to cover up my messy bin (thus the piggy) and my mirror :P 

Ok so this is the first little drawer, I keep all my favorites in here and pretty much the stuff I reach for the most often.  I organized this area by sectioning off my products with different little square boxes, these are just some that I already had laying around my room thus they are all different sizes/colors.  But that doesn't bother me at all.

  • Starting with the container on the far left: I tried to put mainly cheek products in here, but I do have 2 eye quads inside, no biggie still looks neat! 
  • The next container houses my mascaras, eye liner pencils, eye shadows, face concealers, and as well as some primers.  
  • The last container on the far right has my glass jar products, so any cream eyeshadows, concealers, moisturizing lip products or cylinder type products go in there.  
  • And finally, in the back I just keep any odd shaped products that are too big too house in any of my containers at the moment.  I also keep makeup wipes and tissues! :) 
I'm really happy with how this draw looks, I can get what I want really quickly and can see what new products I have to try out.  

I'm not as happy with my other drawers, they aren't messy, but they just don't have the right type of containers to really make them look nice and polished.And they just aren't really all that efficient, too much wasted space in those!  Hopefully, I can get those drawers nice and organized soon!  For now those drawers are still a work in progress.

Thanks so much for reading! Any organizational tips you could give me? :-)


  1. I love how to organized it! I use this plastic acrylic container on top of my vanity, but I love how you have a drawer for all your makeup! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

    1. I've seen those before!! I really want to get some of those kind for my other drawers! :) Yes, it definitely helps me get ready faster in the mornings :P

  2. Hello! I've just nominated you for the Liebster award! :) Go on my blog and see the rules and also answer the questions I have asked you! And maybe check my blog out and give me a follow back?

    much love x

    1. Thanks so much! :) ok I'll go and check it out right now!
      Yup already followed you!


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