Review: CoverGirl Clump Crusher

So today I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara.  I got it in Very black and in the waterproof version.  I decided to get the waterproof version because I do live in a very hot and humid place and since I'm at school for a long time I don't like to have to worry about whether or not my mascara is flaking or smudging!
 I really liked the brush, it definitely separates each individual lash which I really like.

I also like how the brush gets the perfect amount of product, it doesn't bunch together at the tip of the brush which is one of my pet peeves with mascaras! I'm not the best at applying mascara, but with this I actually don't have a problem.

I also really like how this mascara doesn't flake or rub off.  It is very long lasting. My lashes definitely don't clump up! They don't look too fake, actually quite natural (in my opinion! haha).  If you want something more in your face, then this is not the product for you.  It's not going to give you the "fake lash" effect.  But if you're like me and prefer a more natural but still full look then this is perfect!

Here are some pictures of my eyes with and without mascara! Hopefully, you can see the difference! :-) **Please note that I did curl my lashes, so that I could see if the mascara was able to hold the curl**

Left eye without any mascara:

Ok now for my left eye with mascara!

Now here is a picture of my left eye side by side; one side with no mascara the other with.

As you can, hopefully, see from the above pictures my lashes look separated, but not spidery or clumpy.  They stand out a lot more without being over the top.

I also decided to do a comparison with another mascara, I did this on a different day than the above pictures, thus the reason the CoverGirl mascara is not on my left eye!  Sorry about that, hopefully this does not confuse you! :)

Please note I am wearing two coats of each mascara 

I actually prefer the Covergirl clump Crusher, I think my lashes look a lot fuller compared to the Benefit They're Real mascara.

Overall, I say this is a very reliable mascara.  It won't be flaking or smudging, it is very long lasting. I can wear this all day and I personally experience neither.  Which isn't always the case even with waterproof formulations.  Additionally, I think this mascara holds a curl very well.  I hate when my lashes hit my glass lenses, that's the worst! I don't experience that with this mascara.  Furthermore, this mascara is quite buildable, as you can see from the picture with one coat and the other with two coats.

In conclusion, I would recommend this mascara, I really enjoy using.

Thanks for reading! :)

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