Origins Out of Trouble Review

A few weeks I found myself wandering into Sephora and then very impulsively picked this product up! Now I am definitely not the type to do this, I usually will research the bejesus out of a product.  I had looked this product up, but very briefly (briefly for me anyway!).  

What is this mask supposed to do? Well according to the Origins Website this 10 minute mask is supposed to get rid of shine, dead skin cells, and debri that is on your skin.  It is also supposed to help refine skin texture, and prevent any future breakouts.  

Who is this mask for? This mask is best for combination to oily skin.  Additionally, as the mask suggest this mask is best for people who are prone to breakouts.  

Thoughts? I think this is a nice mask, I had really becoming a bit obsessed with sulfur masks ever since trying out the Murad Clarifying mask.  I loved how it made my skin look so bright after using it.  I thought that this one might be a bit better than that one. My first reaction when applying this mask was the smell.  It smells almost like toothpaste, in other words quite minty.  I actually quite like the scent and found that it didn't sting my eyes when I applied it around them. (I have quite sensitive eyes).  It says to remove with a damp washcloth, but I just took it off with lukewarm water.  I didn't notice that my skin was any different, it didn't look any brighter as it did when I used the Murad Clarifying mask. I have tried removing it with a washcloth, but found it made no real difference.   I still think this is quite a nice product to use.  I haven't noticed any difference in my skin, but I do think that with continued use it will help keep my acne at bay.  I have noticed that I haven't been breaking out as much (knock on wood), but that could be because of some other products I'm using in conjunction with this. 

Side by side test with Murad Mask: I put the murad mask on the right side of my face and the Origins mask on my left side. I noticed that the Origins mask was a lot easier to apply onto the skin, as the Murad mask is a lot thicker and starts to dry very quickly whereas the Origins mask takes a bit longer.  The Origins mask feels a lot lighter on the skin, whereas the Murad one feels quite 'stiff'.  Also when removing the product, I found that because the Murad mask was already dried within the 10 minutes it was quite easy to remove, the Origins mask still felt like it wasn't completely set yet.  But I do think that because it isn't as drying it would be good for people with combination skin.  After looking at both sides in the mirror I found that the side with the Murad mask looked a bit flaky.  So I decided to exfoliate both sides.  Now the side with Murad feels a little bit softer than the Origins side, but not by much.  I think the Origins mask is a lot gentler, so if you have sensitive skin then I would go for the Origins Mask. 

Final Thoughts? Overall, I think this is a great product to use for when you want to have a spa day at home or your skin is feeling a bit "blah". I think compared to the Murad mask, it is a bit less nice.  But not by much, I think both sides look great.  

Ingredients: water/aqua/eau, cetyl esters, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stearate, camphor, ceteareth-20, salicylic acid, colloidal sulfur, butylene glycol, bentonite, caprylyl glycol, hexylene glycol, phenoxyethanol <iln33544>

Thanks so much for reading! :)

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