How to score Freebies!

I thought that it would be fun to share with all of you how I get free stuff; from makeup to gift cards! If you already love to review stuff and would love to get the chance to try out even more new products then this is the post for you!!  This is in no way me trying to brag or anything like that.  I really just want to share my tips on how to get 100% free things.  I'm only going to be sharing websites that have personally worked for me i.e I have actually received things!
As you can see from the picture above I mainly get makeup goodies! Additionally, I also get gift cards, yummy snacks, shampoos etc.

I've always loved to test out new products, but let's be honest as a college student I couldn't justify buying tons of makeup or beauty products if I already had one at home that was similar.
I was up late one night wondering how all those beauty gurus got all that free stuff (and yes I know that companies send them stuff!) but I kept thinking don't these companies care about what their customers think? The answer YES! Companies are constantly giving out free samples or full size products either for you to review them or just to test out.  I was shocked about all this, and was super excited when I finally started to receive stuff in the mail.  It took me awhile to figure out which websites were going to share the best information and also let you test the best stuff!! I'll save you all the trouble of having to waddle through what's legit or not! Here's my list of places you can score your own freebies!! :)

  • Influenster- I've spoken quite a bit about this website, actually it's the reason I got into blogging! This is an invite only website, but if you are interested in joining feel free to comment below telling me your email address and I'll send you an invite! Basically in a nutshell this company has partnered up with tons of awesome companies (Olay, NYC, Secret ect.), they then ask you to fill out a short (and I mean short!) survey to see if you qualify for a *VoxBox* these boxes are filled with some awesome goodies! What do you have to do? Simply give your honest feedback.  The more involved you are the more they reward you, you can win badges (aka boxes filled with goodies!!)  I'll stop blabbing and show you some pictures of the voxboxes I've gotten as well as the awesome badges I've won! So far I've received three voxboxes and have won three badges!

VoxBoxes I've received to test out! 

'badge' winner prizes! 

  • Next up is SheSpeaks, I love this one! They also send you products to review and like all the other companies, I'll be mentioning today, they want your honest feedback! If you didn't love it then tell them, but make sure to explain! Companies want to improve their products so they can sell more! Not to mention word of mouth is the best advertisement! What else does this website do? They have tons of twitter parties and if you've never been to one (LOL as if it's a physical place) then you're missing out! They are a great way to learn about new products and interact with other people! They also give out prizes during these twitter parties! :) 

 Things they have sent me to review: (these aren't all of them, I am missing photos of some! :'(
side note: I freaking love both of these products!! That shampoo is amazing! :O

Prize that I won from Shespeaks from twitter party! 

  • BzzAgent- Another website that lets you test out products and again all you have to do is give a honest review! :) The more you interact the more likely you are to get more stuff! That's really the key with these websites, make sure you are active in your social media sites & give great reviews! (Which to me reviewing products is so much fun!!) 

  • If reviewing products isn't your thing and you just want freebies then SampleStuff is the website for you!! They post about, you guessed it, free samples! But they also post about ongoing giveaways and contest you can enter.  This website is awesome! I check it daily, they always have the latest news on free samples, and let me tell you a lot of times these are full sized!! 
  • The next website is a survey site, I was a bit hesitant about this one as some in the past have been too tedious.  But I decided to give it a shot.  Mysurvey rewards you points that you can trade in for gift cards.  I have already gotten 3 CVS gift cards for the amounts: $10, $25 and $10. Remember that CVS haul I did? Yup I got all that stuff free with my gift cards! :)  Best of all this took about a month.  I know to some people that may seem like a long time, but trust me other survey companies take MONTHS to get anything.  Also another awesome thing about this website? You get to test out super secret products! So secret I can't even show you pics! ;) 
  • Loreal consumer testing - This one can be really tricky, but I wanted to include it because the things you get are pretty amazing (IF you can get into the study).  I've never personally gotten into any study. BUT I have gotten a prize from them.  How? Well for every 5 survey's you fill out they send you a complementary gift.  Mine was a Kiehl's facial cleanser.  Also keep in mind L'oreal owns a ton of other companies! (Ahem many of them are high end! YSL anyone??) 
  • Last but not least TheKrazyCouponlady- if you're as obsessed with coupon clipping as I am, then this is a huge help! They let you know of amazing sales, how to get products free and best of all it is all organized by store.  
That's all the websites I have to share with you now, but if I ever discover any more I'll be sure to edit this post! :-) Do you have any cool websites that you get freebies on? 

Also don't forget if you want an invite to influenster then either send me an email or leave me a comment! 

Please feel free to ask me any questions, either about the individual companies or about how to use them. (or really any questions/concerns you may have!) 

Have a lovely day! And make sure to score some awesome freebies! :-) 

**I'm not being compensated to speak about any of these companies nor am I affiliated with any of them, just a fun post I thought would be helpful!**


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