What's in my cosmetic bag: Lake Edition!

2:19 AM
So tomorrow I'm going to be taking a trip to a lake and I wanted to show you what beauty items I take with me! :)

Starting out with the cosmetic bag! I like to keep all products in this Clinique mesh see through bag, it's super convenient to be able to see where all my products are so I can reach in and get what I need quickly!

Also it's really easy to wipe clean, so it won't be a big deal if it gets water on it!

 Next up are probably the most important items in my cosmetic bag! Sunscreen!! Here I have three different kinds, the Coopertone I use for all over my body and the Neutrogena Beach Defense I apply to my face.  I brought along the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer even though it isn't really all that great. It's kinda hard to blend into your skin and leaves those unfortunate white streaks behind... not an attractive look. But I thought that it was better safe than sorry since I'm almost out of the Beach defense and I don't know how my face will react to Coopertone.  I don't want any more breakouts eek!!
My lip products! I really had to restrain myself in this area, I was close to bringing different lip glosses and balms but I decided that it was best if I just brought along these two.  They both contain SPF (super important since my lips tend to burn/chap easily!) and are just really lovely products.
Next up are my BB creams! :) I'm bringing these along in case we decide to go out anywhere after are time in the lake.  The ones I decided on taking are the Olay Fresh Effects BB cream in light to medium and L'oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB in medium.  I'm taking two because the Olay BB doesn't really give off too much coverage but it has SPF and the L'oreal gives off the perfect amount of coverage for a day to day look.  Plus they are both super easy to blend!

I'm taking along my handy L'oreal Revita Lift cleansing towelettes because I tend to get quite oily throughout the day. So I thought that these would be perfect for a mid day pick me up! These are by far my favorite towelettes they do an amazing job of taking off makeup and any impurities; they are also extremely gentle and overall just a great product!! Totally recommend these!
I wear contacts, (who wants to wear glasses to the  lake? such a hassle!), so of course I needed to bring my contact case, contact solution and some eye drops in case my eyes get irritated by any of the lake water.  I'll probably bring my glasses in case my eyes start to get to agitated.
Just thought I'd share this useful tip with all of you, I like to keep my eye drops and contact case in a little tin (Altoids tin to be exact) that way (A) they don't somehow end up all the way at the bottom of my cosmetic bag and (B) they aren't floating around all by themselves. If you need one of these chances are you'll be needing the other as well!
And lastly here are my random bits and bobs. haha A mini clinical strength deodorant, some oil absorbing sheets, and a lonesome hair tie!

Well that's it for my cosmetic bag goodies! I would love to see what beauty essentials you take to the lake or if you're lucky the beach!


  1. I love the altoid tin idea! I wear contacts and its so annoying when they are at the bottom! :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  2. Thanks and glad I could help, nothing's worse than having to get everything out of your bag to find your contacts! haha

  3. I love these types of posts, it's so informative and allows me to get a strong idea of what i want to buy, keep it up! I love your blog.


    1. Thanks so much! Love reading your blog as well! :)


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