Kate Moss Rimmel London lipstick Review

I recently went to CVS and discovered I had gotten a 2 dollar off coupon for Rimmel London as well as 2 extra bucks.  I saw the display and fell in love with this color.
The shade that I selected. 
When I saw the color it looked like a reddish orange color.  Since I don't own any colors similar I thought this would be perfect.  It definitely looks has a semi-matte finish, but it still has somewhat of a shine to it.  I wish it was completely matte though, somehow I feel like the color would look so much better matte.  But it's still a very pretty color! It feels very moisturizing on the lips and applies very smoothly and has really great color pay off.  The one downside to this product is it doesn't really last very long, tops maybe 2 hours.  Oh and also the smell isn't that great, but it's nothing repulsive haha :P 


Overall, I really love this color and for the price it's pretty good! :)


  1. So pretty! This is an awesome red lip color for summer! :)


    1. Yes! It has been my go to red since I got it! :D


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