Fourth of July: Eagle Nail Art!!

Hello everyone, I thought I'd share this fun and easy nail tutorial for everyone who wants to be a little extra festive this Fourth of July! Feel free to make changes and go ahead and give this a try! If you do try this out, send me a picture on my Twitter!! I hope you all have fun reading this!

Supplies needed:

Step 1: Apply a clear top coat to all nails: I used Sinful Colors clear coat.  Then apply a white polish to your middle finger (or whichever nail you want to draw your eagle on,  I choose my middle finger because it has the biggest drawing space and my thumb would have been a little awkward).  I don't actually own a white nail polish so instead I used Moonlight by OPI which is a creamy muted white color.  However, I must say I actually liked how the eagle wasn't on a white background, it pops out a lot more on a 'plain' background!
make sure to add a base coat to protect your nails from staining!

Step 2: Start drawing your eagle! This was actually not too hard. Use a dotting tool to draw the general outline of the eagle. Tips: Draw a "C" shape for the eagles head and leave a gap for the beak. Use small strokes and take your time doing this. As for the feathers, make small little triangle shapes.  I used a mechanical pencil to do all of the details, since I don't own a dotting tool; you can also use a toothpick or a bobby pin!  You can use a black color for the outline of the eagle but I of course don't own a black nail polish *cue sad music*.  Instead I used 'Stone Cold' By China Glaze.

Step 3: Now after you have the outline of the eagle, it's time to give him some color, for his beak of course! I used a mixture of  'Atomic Orange' by OPI and 'Neon Yellow' by Nabi.
To do this I used small dotting motions.  I also went ahead and colored his eye!

Step 4: After that I painted the background of the eagle, originally I was going to try and paint fireworks, but I found that it didn't look as nice, I ended up settling with painting the tip of my nail with red, and silver, and blue, for that I used 'Chili'  by Revlon , 'Snow Bunny' also by Revlon , and 'Royal' again by Revlon.



Step 5: After all that I went back and painted my eagle white; like I said I don't own a white polish.  I do, however, own white acrylic paint! So take your white paint (or nail polish) and paint on the inside of the black outline.  Make sure to trace over a few of those feathers to add extra depth.  Finally add a very small speck to the eyes to create a more friendly looking eagle! And that's it! 

Make sure to add a top coat so he doesn't flake away! Especially if you use paint
instead of polish! 

As for my other nails all I did was paint them with 'Royal' by Revlon and added a glittery top coat  I found one by Nabi called 'Rock Mania' that had red and blue sparkles perfect for Fourth of July!! After that I added a semi-messy looking star on my index finger.  For that I just used 'Snow Bunny' by Revlon and a glitter art stripper to outline it. And of course I added a top coat to all of my nails! I used a fast drying top coat from Revlon!

Also here's the original drawing I drew to guide me while I drew my eagle on my nail!

More pictures to come! I'll post some of the finished product tomorrow when I can get some better lighting! :) Now I know not to start on these nail tutorials late in the day!
UPDATE: Here are more pictures!

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