Secret Outlast Clear Gel

6:45 PM
  Hello! You may recognize this product from my Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box opening.  Today I'm going to do a more in-depth review of the Secret Outlast deodorant.
  First off, what exactly does the product claim to do? Well it says it will goes on clear (no white marks!!) and it protects you from odor for 48 hours.  Secret even made a cute video about the struggle one goes through to safely put on a shirt only to have it ruined by the deodorant; click here to watch it.

     My thoughts on this product? For one thing it really didn't stain any of my clothes(#nowhitemarkfails) , and it was really cooling going on (a welcome change here in Texas).  But it didn't help me not sweat, I will say that when I'm indoors I don't have any problems with sweating.  But when I'm outside I do start sweating quite a bit.  I am quite a bad sweater so I can't really blame this product (only thing that has stopped my sweating is clinical strength products).  Not to mention that it is pretty humid and hot here in Texas.
     So, would I recommend this product? I say if you don't have a problem with sweating but do have a problem with staining your clothes this is an awesome product! But not so much for problem sweaters.  I still love Secret I think their clinical strength products are the best thing ever!! :D

Links to products:
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**This product was sent to me by Influenster for consideration and review, all opinions are my own.**


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