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Hello!! You might recognize these imPRESS nails from my Spring Fever Vox Box blog post.  These particular imPRESS press-on manicure is in the pattern "Holla". They are a very pretty shade of beige with black outlining.  They have fish net patterns on them along with pretty flowers & butterflies.

Here is what it looks like in the packaging 

As you can see the nails come in this cute nail polish packaging,  it's simple to take out and inside you get 24 nails and a pre-moistened towelette to clean and prep your nails before you apply the nails.  I would recommend laying out all the nails you are going to apply in order, and then using the towelette; that way your nails don't get dirty while trying to find the right match.
The application itself was very easy all you have to do is peel off the plastic on the back of the nail and press the nail on and hold it for a couple of seconds.  It was a little bit time consuming to find the right sized nail. But not nearly as long as actually painting my nails.  Now I have used these nails in the past, and that pattern lasted a bit longer than this one.  The pattern on these nails started to wear off in about 3 days, nothing too major though just the tips.  I put these nails on to go to the Star Trek movie and got quite a bit of compliments! I also loved looking down on my nails and seeing the cute pattern.  
the imPRESS nails on my hands, in the pattern HOLLA.
If you look at the picture of the nails on my hand you can tell that the pinky finger wasn't covered all the way by the fake nail.  I have quite long nail beds so it was a little more challenging to find nails that fit properly, BUT Broadway Nails has now made medium length nails!! I am so stoked to get my hands on a pair!
Other pair that I have used before (sorry I can't remember the name!!)
Overall, I am really happy with this product!! If you want a polished nail look but don't have time to paint your own (or the money to get a manicure) then this is perfect! Or even if you just want to try out a new funky pattern! :D 

Links to website: (p.s imPRESS website has a $1 dollar off coupon!)

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    1. Yes you should! They are really handy to have! And thanks so much for following me! I followed you as well!


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