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Hello again! I wanted to my a blog about all the products that I received in my Sweet Heart Vox Box from Influenster! I got this box in the mail in late February, so I've had about 3 weeks of testing each product out. This will be a real quick over view of each product/ mini review! Again as I mentioned in my last post Influenster is a free site that sends products for testing purposes!
A overview of all my Sweet Heart vox box products!
As you can see in the image above in the vox box I received: the Olay fresh effects VA-VA-VIVID system, Secret Clinical Strength stress response deodorant, Skinny Girl on the go bar, and last but not least Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

Starting off with the Olay Fresh effects system; bottom line I loved it! I thought it really did a great job of cleaning my face and I loved the shape of the brush head. You can read my full review of it on my last post (which I dedicated to just Olay Fresh Effects!!)

Next up was the Secret Clinical Strength, now I don't know about you but I have terrible problems with sweating I always buy the clinical strength deodorants because of how much I sweat! I would never wear white shirts because I didn't want that embarrassing yellow stain on my pits (ewwww)! But this product really does work! I would say to everyone if you suffer from bad perspiration (it's ok your not alone!) then please go out and buy this product! They have different types of clinical strength (Secret makes amazing ones!!) but this deodorant is special because it specializes in sweat caused by stress! Stress can cause your body to start perspiring more than usual, I know that I get all sweaty and clammy when I get embarrassed or stressed out by a situation (college midterms anyone?!?)  But this product keeps me smelling fresh and dry! And for an added bonus it smells incredible!!

Now for the yummy treat! The Skinny Girl on the go bars! If I'm being brutally honest I scarfed this on day 2 when I was in Biology class! I usually eat Nature Valley bars (which are so good!!) but I accidentally got the crunchy kind which is awkward to eat in a lecture class, I don't want to interrupt my fellow students! This bar was quiet to eat and very delicious! It was only 180 calories and it was quite filling! I received the Greek yogurt and blueberry crisp bar.  The two downsides of this product that I found was that for one I couldn't really taste blueberries I mostly tasted raisins which I checked the label and there were raisins in the bar. This disappoint me because I was really expecting blueberries but the raisins were too over powering, I happen to like raisins so it wasn't a big deal for me but I just would like for them to put that in the title so people who don't like raisins won't get this excepting blueberries.  And lastly the price! It cost 12.99 on their website for a box of 5 bars!! That's about 2.60 per bar, I can get a whole lot more bars of another brand for that price.  But overall if you want to be healthier this product was very good!

The last product in my box was the Not Your Mother's beach babe texturizing sea salt spray.  When I first used this product I had a love hate relationship with it, I loved how it made my hair look nice and curled but hated how it made my hair feel really dry.  Then I realized that my hair was very damaged and how pretty much the lower half of my hair was covered in split ends! I decided to go and get a hair cut and then give this product another go! So after cutting my hair down from below my chest to my shoulder (haven't had short hair since my freshmen year in high school!!). Now this product has made it into my favorites! It doesn't make my hair crunchy or sticky, it just helps define my hair and actually helps my hair de-frizz! And boy does this stuff smell great!!

Thank you so much for reading! And I would love to hear about any products you have been loving or if you are a influenster member as well past products you have gotten and
love! And a special thanks to Influenster! 

*Products were sent by Influenster for testing purposes, all opinions are my own*


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