Olay Fresh Effects VA-VA VIVID Review

12:23 AM
I was recently sent this product by Influenster to test out in the March Sweet Heart Vox Box.  If you're not familiar with Influnester I'll explain it quickly (let me know if you would like a blog post on just testing websites similar to Influenster); Influenster is a website designed to allow consumers the opportunity to review and occasionally test out products.  It's not limited to just beauty but has a wide range of "badges" you can collect (think of it has a grown up version of the Girl Scouts).  They are really engaged with their community and have really been going outside the box this year! Companies really do want feedback from the "average" customer.  The best part is that it is completely free to join (it did just recently become invite only, I have 2 invites left if any of you want one).  Oh and I also briefly mentioned how they send you things to review, this is not guaranteed but I have already received two boxes which I think is pretty darn good!

Now on to the actual review! (P.S I hope I explained that well!!)  The Olay Fresh Effects system came with 1 facial cleansing brush and 1 20mL cleanser.  I'll start out with describing the packaging which is adorable! I saw this new Fresh Effects line at Target and was instantly drawn to how colorful the packaging was, Olay is definitely trying to reach out to a younger demographic and they are succeeding in my opinion! (Who isn't a sucker for cute packaging?!?)

 I was also really interested in the facial cleansing brush which is so different than other ones I have seen on the market, namely the brush shape. It has a triangular head, which is designed to fit into the areas around nose and general T-Zone area.  It also has plastic bristles which is very different from the other brushes.  It is very small and fits snugly in your hand, when I first used it I thought it was too small but now I'm liking this smaller design (doesn't take up as much counter space which is great for us beauty junkies).

 This product claims to have a 400% better clean compared to not using a cleansing brush and on the back of the box is says to "treat yourself to a micro-facial".  I would have to agree with both of these statements, I did see that my skin is much more clean when I use this than when I just wash my face with my hands.  Also the combination of the brush and the vibrating feels like I'm transported to a spa, it feels so amazing! I use this to remove any excess makeup and it does an awesome job at getting rid of all of it! I went in with a cotton pad soaked in toner and found that very little to no makeup was left over, where as before the cotton pad would have been covered with makeup.  Another plus of this product is that it is really great for sensitive skin, it's not rough at all! Overall I would say this is a A+ product and would recommend you give it a go! It cost about 15 dollars; heres a link to amazon where you can purchase it, however they sell it at most retailers so I would check there to see if it's cheaper!! :D http://www.amazon.com/ ( a real bargain compared to some other cleansing brushes!!)

Thank you so much to Olay and Influenster for letting me try this product out! This is my first ever blog post, so sorry if it was all over the place.  But I really loved this product and wanted to share my experiences with it! Again a huge thanks to Olay and Influenster!! :D

*All products were sent by Influenster for testing purposes, all opinions are my own*

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